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Greeting from Neotek Marine

Thank you for your interest.

Neotek Marine is a joint venture of spare parts and repair parts. The original company, Neotech, is an agent of Doosan in repairing and reconditioning for Alpha Lubricators in vessels,
They decided to strengthen overseas business by establishing Neotek Marine, focusing on exporting spare parts and ship repairs.

We have been providing quality sevices, meeting the various requirements of our global clients, accumulating over a decade  of experience in spare parts and repair business.

Our skilled technicians and staff are committed to ensuring reliable products efficiently and competitively to our worldwide clients.

Please view our business scope page to understand more of the range of our products and services.

Contact us by email or phone with any specific questions or inquiries.

TEL:+82-51-553-2050     FAX:+82-51-553-2051     332-1 Chungnyeol-daero, Dongnae-gu, Busan

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